CHARSTOVE SA offers you an amazing business opportunity.

If you are enthusiastic about our products, and wish to join our already successful team of agents, please browse through this part of our website.

By joining our enthusiastic team of agents all over South Africa, you will become the sole distributor in the Municipal area allocated to you. This will give you the exclusive right to market, sell and distribute our range of micro stoves and assorted products in your area to the public and the end user. You will earn all the profits from the products sold, and cover all the expenses for operating your agency successfully.

Terms & Conditions

In order to qualify for one of our available agencies, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the list to see which areas are still available;
  2. If the area that you are interested in, is still available, you need the following attributes:
    1. Do you have the time and energy to demonstrate, and/or organize demonstrations of our product range to:
      1. The public in general;
      2. Selected stores in your area; (Main chain stores are already serviced);
      3. Women-, Church- and Non-Governmental Organisations.
      4. Basic invoicing, banking, and administrative skills.
      5. An outgoing personality which puts the customer’s interests first.
    2. The resources you will need are the following:
      1. An amount of R11000 to obtain your starter kit;
      2. A gazebo, foldable table/s and camping chair/s; (you can source your own);
      3. Your own transport, or a reliable source of transport;
      4. A helper or cooking companion if you do not enjoy cooking;
      5. Initial funds for fuel, daily groceries for demonstration purposes, charcoal, briquettes and wood, firelighters and matches;
      6. A pot and or kettle for cooking demonstrations.
    3. If you are satisfied that you have all the resources, time and energy to manage your new agency, click here to complete your application form. On approval and receipt of your payment, your start-up kit will be delivered to you. Your start-up kit contains the following:
      1. Your signed sole distributorship agreement;
      2. Your set of sample micro stoves (Uga-; Jikokoa; JikokoaXtra; Kuniokoa);
      3. Set of banner flags;
      4. Your step by step marketing and strategy manual;
      5. Marketing material, pamphlets and business cards.
      6. Your sole distributorship code and pin.
  3. Charstove SA has an interactive website that makes it easy and pleasurable for you to do business. The website assists you to run your agency as smooth, effective and trouble-free as possible. End users and business entities which visit our website will automatically be referred to the correct agency for better customer service. Placing of orders, deliveries, and general administration are made easy with our website.
  4. Charstove SA has introduced an automated commission system for business referrals by public end users. The details of this system are fully described in the marketing and strategic manual.
  5. Charstove SA has a direct interest in every agent’s success, as the success of every agency is intertwined with our national strategic marketing plan.

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